Academic Rigor and Personal Development in Perfect Balance.

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Discover a New Home at Cheverus

High School is a time of growth, change, and discovery. At Cheverus, we accompany students and families through this exciting and transformative time in their lives. With a 100+ year history, Cheverus is known for academic excellence, vibrant student life, deep spirituality, and service to the community.

Our goal is to educate students in a deep and meaningful way - to prepare students for college, and for life. We want our students to reach their fullest potential academically, spiritually, and personally. Our students discover their unique gifts, and develop the confidence and leadership skills to share those gifts for the common good.

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Educating the Whole Person - Mind, Body & Spirit

As a Jesuit school, Cheverus prepares young men and women to be “people for and with others”. Cheverus is committed to cultivating excellence and forming young people into competent, intellectually curious and socially-conscious adults.

Preparation. For College and Beyond.

100% of Cheverus Students Go on to Post-Secondary School.

As part of a college preparatory high school, our dedicated faculty provides the right balance of academic rigor and support. With thought-provoking courses like AP Economics,  Entrepreneurship, AP Comparative Government and Politics, French Film and Food, and Marine Biology, our students discover engaging classes that spark their passions and help them develop the tools to succeed.

Cheverus students develop important skills such as critical reading, writing, research, and public speaking. Our content-rich curriculum ensures our graduates emerge as thinkers, innovators, designers, and engaged citizens. All courses are taught at the college prep level, and we also offer honors courses and 18 Advanced Placement subjects.

Building Community

100% of Cheverus students provide service to our great community. 

Cheverus High School encourages its students to be “people for others” - persons who find happiness in sharing their talents, especially with those who are less fortunate than they. By involving its students in carefully supervised projects and programs, the school fosters growth in self-esteem, empathy toward others and personal maturity.

By teaching its students to be sensitive to the disparate needs and expectations of their peers, teachers and families, Cheverus helps its students to become socially responsible members of their communities

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Faith in Action

In an inclusive way, Cheverus offers students of all faith traditions the opportunity to grow spiritually, as part of our Catholic and Jesuit mission. Inspired by St. Ignatius of Loyola, the Jesuits believe that a high-quality education forms a path to a meaningful life of leadership and service. Modeled after the first Jesuit school formed in 1548, Cheverus encourages students to engage in a spiritual conversation, invites them to reflect deeply on who they are and how they want to live their lives, and challenges them to put their faith into action to build a more just and hopeful world.

We challenge our students to ask enduring questions and to respond compassionately and generously to the complex problems in today’s world. We invite our students to be attentive and reflect on their own experiences, to strive to discover God’s love in all things, and to use their talents to be “people for and with others”.

Developing Growth Through Athletics

Cheverus High School fosters the physical growth and development of its students. The school encourages student-athletes to embody true sportsmanship, treating others with respect. The primary purpose of the Cheverus athletic program is to promote the physical, mental, social, emotional and moral well-being of its participants, in order that they may attain a deeper appreciation of their God-given talents, and learn how these talents may benefit not only themselves but others.

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What You Can Expect from Cheverus

  • 100% of students go to post-secondary school

  • Small classes with exceptional individual attention

  • Over 70% of our faculty have advanced degrees

  • Cheverus students are 4x more likely to graduate from college on time, as compared to Maine and national averages

  • SAT and ACT scores well above the Maine and national average

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